Benefits and Efficacy of Betel Leaf for Health

Betel (Piper Betle) is a type of vines and mostly found in Indonesia. These vines can reach 12 m high. Betel stem greenish brown, round, segmented and is the root of the discharge. The leaves are heart-shaped sole, pointy, grow alternately, stemmed, and unpleasant odor when crushed. The fruit is round buni grayish green. Roots riding, round and golden brown. Leaves of this plant are often used to treat several kinds of diseases.

The content contained in the betel leaf green very much. Some of the contents include: phenyl propane, essential oils, hidroksikavicol, estragol, kavicol, kavibetol, allylpyrokatekol, caryophyllene, cyneole, cadinene, diastase, tannins, starch, sesquiterpene, terpennena and sugar. All substances that are made betel plant is rich in benefits and usefulness as a human can be healthy.

Benefits and Efficacy of Betel Leaf for Health :
  • Treating cavities. If you are experiencing pain due to tooth cavities, immediately take the betel leaves and boiled with two cups of water to boil. The betel leaf boiled water is used for rinsing. Do it over and over again until cured.
  • Treating a nosebleed. Nosebleed is bleeding from the nose. You can treat it using betel leaf. Take one sheet of betel leaf and then pressed-press so slightly wilted. Roll and match into a bleeding nose to clog.
  • Launched urination. For those of you that are difficult to urinate or are having problems urinating, betel leaves have properties that can help launch diurektik urination. You can make juice of a few betel leaves. Add a little milk and honey to taste better. Drink this juice regularly urinate again until smooth.
  • Cure headaches. Headache is one of the most common health problem and can affect anyone. Fortunately, betel leaf has analgesic properties that cool and can be used to help cure headaches both regular headaches or headaches or migraines.
  • Treating burns. The way to heat the green betel leaf wilting, and stick it on the affected part of the body burns.
  • Overcoming Whitish. Overcoming betel leaves whitish with red because red betel dau properties are antiseptic, and also a nice red betel leaves to reduce vaginal discharge and keep the female organ by boiling 7-10 betel leaves and then after that her female organs rinse it with boiled water betel leaf.
  • Treating allergic itching and urticaria. Provide 6 pieces of betel leaf, 1 slice ginger 1.5 tablespoons yellow and eucalyptus oil. All material is crushed together until smooth. Then the potion dabbed / rubbed on the body itching due to allergies or urticaria.
  • Treat bleeding gums. If you experience bleeding gums, do not worry, just treat the betel leaf. Way, take 4 betel leaves and then boiled in two cups of water to boil. Once cool, boiled water is used for rinsing. Do it over and over again until cured.
  • Coping with respiratory problems. Flu, cough, asthma, and other respiratory disorders is a common health problem. If you're having trouble breathing, you can also drink boiled water betel leaf as betel leaf has actually been used since tens or even hundreds of years ago by our ancestors to treat various diseases.
  • Eliminate bad breath. Eliminate bad breath with red betel leaf is not so busy, take 1 red betel leaves and wash thoroughly chewed after it let up a few minutes ago after it was thrown away, do it 2-3 times a day, while the other way is to boil betel leaves 5-6 betel leaves boiled with 2 cups water to a boil and then chill filtered and do rinse your mouth for each morning and afternoon.
  • Overcoming weak nerves. Hands suddenly difficult to move or numbness is one example of weak nerves. If you have experienced this problem or similar problems related to the sense of taste, you can use betel leaves to help cure this problem. For treating weak nerves with betel leaves, betel leaves juice a few. Strain and mix with one tablespoon of natural honey. Drink this mixture two times a day regularly to get effective results.
  • Overcoming Constipation. If you are frequently constipated, you do not need to bother taking medication or going to the doctor because of the efficacy of betel leaf can also help overcome constipation. To overcome constipation, betel leaf dipped in castor oil. After that, enter the betel leaf into the rectum for a few moments. This is believed to overcome constipation.
  • Treating cough. Provide 4 pieces of betel leaf, 3 lote leaves and honey to taste. Betel leaves sliced, then boiled with lote leaves in 2 cups of water to boil. Once cool, add honey to taste, then these ingredients made ​​for gargling. Try to reach the esophagus.
  • Heart disease. Provide 3 betel leaves, 7 pairs of cubeb seed, 3 spring onions, and 1 tablespoon of cumin. All the ingredients until finely ground, plus 5 tablespoons of hot water, left a few minutes, then squeezed and filtered. The herb is taken 2 times 1 day and done regularly.
  • Bronchitis. Provide 7 pieces of betel leaf and 1 piece of sugar cubes. Betel leaves chopped, then boiled with rock sugar with 2 cups water to boil down to 1 cup, and filtered. The herb taken 3 times daily 3 tablespoons.
  • Syphilis disease. Prepare 25-30 betel leaves along the stem, 1/4 kg of palm sugar and salt to taste. All the ingredients are boiled together with 2 liters of water to boiling, then filtered. The potion drunk 3 times 1 day continuously.
  • Treating diarrhea. Take 4-6 pieces of betel leaf, 6 peppercorns and 1 tablespoon of coconut oil. All material is crushed together until smooth. Rub the herb in the abdomen and let it dry.
  • Accelerating wound healing. For bruises or abrasions, the efficacy of betel leaf can accelerate the wound healing process. How to use it, you can take 3 betel leaves. Mash until smooth betel leaf and stick it on the injured body part. After that, the wound dressings. Usually within two days the wound will dry and heal.
  • Preventing oral cancer. This has to be one of the reasons why many ancient people who like to chew betel leaves. While it may not yet know they had cancer, betel chewing it can make them avoid oral cancer.

quotes :
Learn about the uses and potential benefits of Betel Nut including dosage guidelines, side effects,. St. Louis, MO: Wolters Kluwer Health, Inc.; July 2009.Betel leaves contain many health benefits, curative and healing properties. It contains vitamins such as vitamin C, thiamine, niacin, riboflavin and carotene.Betel leaf has been used from ancient times as an aromatic stimulant and anti- flatulent. Its leaf is used in several common household remedies, because this . Apr 23, 2012 . Betel leaf has been used from ancient times as an aromatic stimulant and anti- flatulent. Its leaf is used in several common household remedies, . Oct 2, 2013 . We know numerous varieties of betel leaf, but we are not aware of all the health benefits present in betel leaf. It contains many health benefits, . [edit]. Betel Leaf, Snapped from Madiwala Market, Bangalore, India. The betel leaf is predominantly consumed as betel quid or .


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