Blady Grass Benefits to Cure Acute Kidney Disease and Hepatitis

Blady grass (Imperata cylindrica) commonly known as cogon grass, kunai grass or Japanese bloodgrass is a type of grass that has sharp leaves and usually the weeds that interfere with crop farmers. The leaves resemble ribbons with flat edge, straight and pointy. This plant is able to thrive in dry places that get plenty of sun.

Benefits of blady grass mainly from the roots. The blady blady grass have a number of chemical elements are very useful for health. Some elements include glucose, mannitol, citric acid, arundoin, fernerol, achine, polyphenols, taninin, and alkali. This chemical elements made ​​of blady grass into antipyretic which serves to shed urinary (deuretic), lower the heat, stop bleeding (hemostatic), and relieve thirst.
  1. As Acute Renal Disease Drugs. Prepare root fresh blady grass as much as 60-120 grams, cut into small roots, then wash and wipe until it is completely clean. Boil the roots with water as much as 3 cups. Wait and let the stew boil until the remaining water to 1 cup. Then remove and let cool boiled water and filter to separate the pulp. Drink 2 times a day on a regular basis to get the properties and benefits of blady grass as a cure acute kidney disease. 
  2. Treating Water bloody urine. Boil 100 grams of blady grass that are still fresh with 2,000 cc of water until the remaining 1.000cc (water remaining half). 
  3. Drugs to Treat Vomiting Blood. Herb of blady grass, this grass can be made in medicine for vomiting blood. How to make the setting up 30-60 grams of fresh roots of blady grass washed, and then cut into pieces as needed and boiled in 3 cups water until the remaining 1 cup only. Can be drunk after a cold. 
  4. Treating acute infectious hepatitis. Roots of the weeds that have dried as much as 60 grams boiled in 3 cups water until remaining 1 glass. Cooking water divided by 2 to 2 times the drink. 
  5. As Drug Urine Pus. If you people with gonorrhea, can make potions using blady grass, this grass. How to Preparing the 300 grams of fresh roots of blady grass washed, cut into pieces as needed, 2000cc and boiled in water until the remaining live 1.200cc, add rock sugar to taste. After it is divided into 3 times the drink as a tea. For ten days. 
  6. Treating a nosebleed. Not only the betel leaves as a remedy nosebleeds, blady grass also appeared to be useful for treating nosebleeds. How to prepare fresh roots of blady grass washed, then crushed and squeezed the water up to 100cc collected immediately after the drink. Or it could be a way: take 30 grams of fresh roots of blady grass washed, then boiled in 3 cups water until the remaining 1 cup only and can be drunk directly.

quotes :
Imperata cylindrica, commonly known as blady grass, cogon grass /koʊˈɡoʊn/, kunai grass /ˈkuːnaɪ/, or Japanese bloodgrass, is a species of grass in the . A. N. Van Loan - Florida Division of Forestry, Forest Health Section, Gainesville, Florida, USA,. There are only a few localized benefits of cogon grassSome of the most widely recognized of these are blady grass, alang-alang, lalang, . Common Names: Japanese blood grass, cogongrass, satintail, blady grass, cranberry. This is the ornamental variety of Japanese blood grass called 'Red Baron'In the landscape, the red varieties can create glorious stained-glass effects when they. 

It is an extremely aggressive species that will invade healthy natural . There is a lot of debate over whether or not slashing benefits pastures.. For effective management of blady grass in pasture, the patches need to be slashed for . April/May is Decision Time: the grass you have now is all that will be. Blady grass management – to. condition is to provide supplements during the times.Common names: alang-alang, blady grass (English), Blutgras (German),. Its capabilies of recovery and colonization after fire allow it to take advantage of slash.. of Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service or the appropriate state agency.


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