Benefits of Sea Mango as Rat Repellent

Sea Mango with the Latin name Cerbera Manghas or Bintaro in Indonesia. Currently prevalent on the streets to greening the city. Tree leaves are elongated symmetrical shape and blunt at the end with this varying sizes. Also called the Pong-Pong Tree or Tree Indian suicide, including toxic plants. Because the shape of the fruit is good, then the kids will be keen to make it as a toy.

The fruit is often also called Cerbera because the seeds and all parts of the tree contains a toxin called "cerberin" the toxins that can inhibit calcium ion channels in the human heart muscle, so it can interfere with the heart rate and can cause death

Indigenous Names of Sea Mango
  • Madagascar - Tanguin, Samanta, Tangena
  • Samoa - Leva
  • Tonga - Toto
  • Fiji - Vasa
  • Indonesia, Malay, Sunda - Bintaro
  • Sri Lanka /Sinhalese - Kaduru
  • Japan / Ryukyuan - Mifukuragi

Benefits of Sea Mango:
Rat Repellent
To take advantage of this fruit as a rat repellent, the first way is by taking sea mango fruit then placed in the home or in places that normally there is often encountered in the rat. As long as the fruit is still fresh yet wilted, then there will be no one mouse who dare to approach or come into the house. But keep in mind should be put in place that is inaccessible to small children because given the toxic fruit. Rats themselves are afraid because of the smell of toxins released by this very disturbing sea mango fruit smell rats, mice given a keen sense of smell so that the rats would stay away. If you look at the properties before the fruit is one way to repel rats are also quite powerful and useful if planted on the edge of rice fields so that farmers do not lose because of pests like rats that attack plants.

quotes :
Cerbera manghas (sea mango) is one of the poisonous trees belonging to the Apocynaceae family.. Cheenpracha S, Karalai C, Rat-A-Pa Y, Ponglimanont C,.Cerbera manghas (sea mango) is a small evergreen coastal tree growing up 12 m tall. The shiny dark-green leaves are alternate, ovoid in shape. The flowers. Rat revolving around mango tree in Vemulawada. the butter sablefish has a texture similar to halibut. As with salmon, reeling in this swimmer is a great way to get a boatload of highly . Mango, Patong: unbiased reviews of MangoRat-U-Thit Road (Soi La Diva), Patong, Kathu, Phuket, Thailand. Improve this listingThe Sea Patong.They like to eat the fruits of guava, mango, stone apple jam trees and papaya.. The rat is trapped when it triggers a tripwire made from the fibres of sea hibiscus  .


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Oh! i didn't knew mangoes could be used as a rat repellent as well. But sea mangoes seem interesting. I would love to test it.


Your post is so amazing and beneficial for us. I love to eat sea mango.
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