Benefits of Noni to Inhibit Cancer and Tumors Cells

Noni (Morinda citrifolia) is a plant that has leaves with a wide enough green to yellow fruit. Actually pretty good noni tree if planted in the yard as a shade or ornamental plants, because its leaves are fresh green, has white flowers and tuberous, Noni is a fruit that is still young compound glossy green and have freckles, and when the old white and speckled black spots.

Although the smell is not very pleasant, but the noni fruit is ripe on the tree has many benefits for the treatment. This is because there are some substances in it, among others, Morinda diol, morindone, Morindin, damnacanthal, methyl acetyl, acid and sorandiyiol kapril.

Here are some of the benefits and efficacy of noni for traditional medicine along with prescription and usage examples.
  1. To recover PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome). Women are more sensitive and susceptible angry when before menstruation due to hormonal changes can be minimized by Noni which has active compounds that help calm the emotions so that you do not experience mood changes that are too high. Based on the research indicates that noni may help restore some diseases including overcoming menstrual syndrome.
  2. Can inhibit the growth of cancer cells and tumors. Indeed, if the body is contained cancer cells and primary tumors treatment is surgery or chemotherapy. However, by consuming Noni routinely and regularly at least be able to inhibit the growth of cancer cells and tumors from becoming larger. Research has suggested a compound 2-methoxy-1,3,6-trihydroxyanthraquinone the noni fruit is good for preventing DNA damage and cancer as well as good for maintaining healthy cells in the body.
  3. Overcoming Hypertension. High blood pressure can be treated with a mixture of noni. The trick, which provide 2 ripe Noni fruit trees and 1 tablespoon honey. Noni is squeezed to take water, then mixed with honey. This herb is taken every other day.
  4. To help maintain bone health. Noni has efficacy for patients with osteoporosis due kapril acids, methyl acetyl, Morindin, morindone, morindadiol and sorandiyiol that can improve bone strength. For women aged 40-50 have a high likelihood of bone loss. Consuming noni juice regularly will help you in maintaining bone health. For those of you who are not familiar can consume noni fruit processed in pill form.
  5. Cough cure. Others Noni Benefits is treating cough. The trick is to make a potion that consists of 1 ½ handheld noni fruit and leaves poo. Both ingredients are boiled with 2 cups water until remaining 1 glass. Strain water, then drink twice a day every morning and afternoon.
  6. Improve Endurance Body. Noni can boost Tubuh.Itu Durability due to the content of the work that can activate the thyroid gland and thymus gland.
  7. Stomach Pain Medication. Efficacy Noni followed was as upset stomach. If you or a family affected by abdominal pain, take only 2-3 leaves of Morinda citrifolia. Once washed, then finely ground, plus salt and poured boiling hot water. After a cold, filtered water and drunk.
  8. Treating Yellow Fever. Materials required are 2 Noni fruit that has been cooked in a tree and one piece of rock candy. How to make it, noni fruit is squeezed to take water, then mixed with honey until evenly distributed. Filtered water, drink and be repeated 2 days.
  9. Fever, Common Cold and influenza. Materials needed are 1 Noni and 1 kencur (Kaempferia galanga). Both ingredients are boiled with 2 cups water to boil and down to 1 cup. After a cold, filtered water and the mixture is taken twice a day, every morning and evening.
  10. Overcoming the scaly skin. Noni fruit is ripe on the tree does have many benefits. One of them for beauty, Noni can be used to smooth the skin. The trick, scaly skin rubbed with the noni fruit thoroughly, and allowed to stand for 5-10 minutes, then cleaned with a clean cloth dampened with warm water.
That's some of the benefits of noni that you can refer to. If you have any concerns about some of the diseases that have been pointed out above, you can consume noni to help the healing process naturally.

quotes :
Noni Juice provides critical nutrients to the non-cancerous cells and will. typical product shortcomings, some people clearly benefit from Noni juice.. They found that Nitric Oxide reduces tumor growth, and increases the . Therefore it is better to avoid Noni juice before an operation. Other than that, I. The tumor went away and I was cancer free. During a regular. Mammary tumor latency, incidence, multiplicity, and metastatic incidence. decrease breast cancer risk in women taking TNJ for its other benefits

Several studies reported that noni has multiple cancer protective properties.NCCAM-funded research includes a study on noni for cancer to determine its safety and potential effects on tumors and symptoms, as well as a laboratory study . Perhaps you have heard before that Noni Juice cures cancer. Is that really. Please check out of "Noni Benefits" page to read about these fascinating things.In animal cancer studies, Noni juice treatments reduced the formation of. tests to kill pre-cancer cells, Lewis Lung carcinoma, and prevent DNA damage.


Noni fruit is not only effective in treating chronic diseases but it is also used to prevent small health issues also. I would like to give the names of such diseases - sinusitis, ulcers, depression, atherosclerosis, flu, menstrual cramps, sprains, senility, addiction, headaches, arthritis, injuries, poor digestion and cold. Buy Pure Noni Juice only from an authentic supplier.


Thanks for the review. Most cosmetic products are having Noni as a basic ingredient because of its numerous health benefits. You can also take Noni externally through Organic Noni Juice. It is very cheap and healthiest fruit juice in the world.


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