Benefits of Spearmint Leaves to Cope With Bad Breath and Skin Health

Spearmint or spear mint (Minthan spicata) is one of the oldest and most herbs are popular in developing areas of the world. Plants that are commonly used as a food additive is divided into several types, each of which has a distinct aroma. In addition to the extra material in the food and drink, the plant is also used as a mixture of the various dishes, one of which is found in the fruit salad.

The content contained on this mint leaves as fiber, water, carbohydrates, protein, aspartic acid, gluttamico, alanine, and also contains vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin D is very good for your health.

Here are the benefits for the health of Spearmint :
  1. Powerful Overcome Indigestion. The first benefit that you can get from the mint leaves the potential to facilitate the digestive system and relieve spasms or cramps in the abdomen. This is because the effect of the anesthetic in mint potent pain in the abdomen. In addition, when consumed directly, mint leaves also effective for relieving nausea, abdominal pain or bloating. You can take it to help treat digestive problems. In addition, the compounds of healing is in mint is known to prevent the formation of gas in the stomach.
  2. Helps you lose weight. Mint is also believed to help the diet well. Because of mint can help stimulate the digestion of fat effectively. How to use it, you can mix the chopped mint tea or mixed with scrambled eggs.
  3. Reducing the Risk of Allergies. Mint leaves are known to have natural properties that can control the growth of mold and bacteria in the body so as to reduce the risk of allergies.
  4. Treating Respiratory. One of the menthol content is in mint is a common ingredient used in cold medicines sold in the market. The aroma of menthol powerful open airway compromised such as nasal congestion, because it contains anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, the mint is very beneficial for asthmatics because it can loosen bronchial contraction that helps respiratory congestion. Antibacterial properties it is also able to treat infections caused by bacteria. To relieve the condition, mint leaves can be applied by topical or drunk as tea.
  5. Refreshes Scalp. The benefits of mint leaves to the head is a lot to prove to the increasingly widespread use of the shampoo manufacturer mint leaves as a base for the products they sell in the market. This is because the mint leaves can also be used as a herbal remedy to overcome and refreshing scalp irritation. In order to optimize the benefits, you can use the mint leaves directly by taking a few mint leaves, squeeze until smooth, then apply on the scalp with a massage. The content of menthol in mint refreshes your scalp. Let stand about 20 minutes, let it soak into the menthol content of the scalp, then rinse with water.
  6. Cope with bad breath. Taste and aroma of mint is so refreshing, making them perfect to relieve bad breath is not good. To solve this problem, you can mint leaves into tea consumption, both of which are made from fresh mint leaves and dry, they effectively kill the bacteria that cause bad breath lodged in it. Benefits of mint leaves can also keep your mouth moist face and stimulates the production of saliva.
  7. Maintain healthy skin. Herb mint is also efficacious to overcome the rough and irritated skin. In addition, the benefits of mint leaves powerful to overcome the itching from the bite of a mosquito. The content of vitamin A is so high on the mint leaves are also useful to strengthen and improve the skin tissue. Meanwhile, the oil of mint extract that is rich in salicylic acid is able to prevent the dead skin cells and prevent blockages occur in the skin. Which means that the skin away from the risk of acne.
  8. Cancer Prevention. Some scientists are trying to prove that the compound is well and in mint effectively prevent the risk of colon cancer. This is because vitamin C is so high that acts as an antioxidant free-radical scavengers, the cause of cancer. In addition to the content, such as vitamin A and beta-carotene in the leaves of mint is equally beneficial to the body.
  9. Get rid of blackheads. The presence of blackheads on the face, of a very disturbing appearance. Use mint leaves to make them disappear. The trick is easy, you have to put the mint leaves smoothed across the face of blackheads, and let stand selama15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

quotes :
Spearmint is loaded with vitamins, antioxidants and vital nutrients. There are a number of different health benefits associated with the . Spearmint (Mentha spicata), a pleasantly aromatic pot herb is good in essential oil, menthol. In addition, the herb is packed with numerous health benefiting . Find patient medical information for spearmint on WebMD including its uses,. In manufacturing, spearmint is used in health food products, cosmetics, and oral . 

The health benefits of Spearmint Essential Oil can be attributed to its properties like anti septic, anti spasmodic, carminative, cephalic, emenagogue,The health benefits of mint include the following: Digestion: Mint is a great.. The blend I use is spearmint leaves, Marijuana leaves. (You do not get high on . Spearmint, also known by its botanical name Mentha spicata, belongs to the mint family and is. What Are the Health Benefits of Ginger, Lemon, & Honey Tea.


Fresh mint leaves have multiple benefits for health. If taken raw, it kills bad breathe, improves digestive system and is also helpful in reducing weight. Thanks for sharing such an informative post.


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