Agati Flowers for Treating Thrush and Myopia

Agati flowers (Sesbania grandiflora) is a soft woody trees and short-lived. Can reach 5-12 m. Its roots are useful to enrich the soil. The flowers are large and out of the armpit leaves, and used as ornamental plants to be grown in home gardens. That's why agati regarded as flowering plants. However it turns out, in addition to useful as an ornamental plant, agati is also efficacious as a traditional medicinal plant. agati flower contains calcium, iron, sugars, vitamin A and vitamin B which has benefits for skin softening, laxative and conditioning.

It is not separated from the role of the compounds contained therein. Agati flower leaves contain saponins, tannins, glycosides, peroxidase, vitamin A and vitamin B. The leaves are believed to liquefy blood clots, relieve pain, mild laxative, laxative urine (diuretic).

Bark contains tannin, egatin, zantoagetin, basorin, resin, calcium oxalate, sulfur, peroxidase and dye. Usefulness as a pain reliever (analgesic), fever (anti-pyretic), laxative, pengelat (astringent), vomiting stimulant, tonic.

While the flowers contain calcium, iron, sugars, vitamins A and B. Helpful to soften the skin, laxative and conditioning.

Here are the benefits for health and agati flower traditional medicine, along with how to create a potion.
  • Treating Thrush. Were attacked by canker sores are usually people who are deficient in vitamin C, just treat the skin using agati flower stems. Take agati flower tree bark in water and then squeezed. Then the water is used to rinse, can boil agati tree bark and drinking boiled water.
  • Treat night blindness. Agati plant sap can be deposited and processed into powder. The powder itself can be used as a drug to treat gum disease causes night blindness is vitamin A is abundant.
  • Sore Throat. In addition to treating thrush, agati flower can also be used for sore throat. The trick, grab a handful of leaves agati then knead in boiled water. Use this water to gargle to the throat. Do as much as 4 times a day.
  • Dysentery. Agati tree bark from the red flowers of thumb boiled with 2 cups water until remaining 1 glass. After a cold, filtered water and drunk. Apply 2 times a day.
  • Swelling nails. To treat a swollen finger nails due to tripping or hit. Leaves taste washed and finely ground. Put it on the affected nail and surrounding skin, then wrapped. Replace 2-3 times a day. Blood clot under the nail will be lost and the pain will be reduced.
  • Treating vaginal discharge. Whitish women is a disease caused by the fungus Candida. To fix this, take a handful of agati leaves and turmeric thumb, washed and milled until smooth. Add 3/4 cup water, stir thoroughly and then squeezed and filtered. Drink the potion of water 2 times a day.
  • Treating Cough. Take a handful of agati red leaves. Rinse and pounded until smooth. Add lime juice and stir until blended. The water is squeezed and drunk.
  • Cough with phlegm. In addition to the leaves, roots agati also nutritious treat cough with phlegm. Way to take the root knuckles agati then pounded until smooth. Add the 1/2 cup lukewarm water and 1 tablespoon of honey. Stir well, then squeezed and drinking water.
  • Postpartum fever. Agati leaves finely ground, then add 3/4 cup lukewarm water and a little salt. The water is filtered and drunk.
  • Runny nose and Headache. Take a handful of leaves and agati flowers then pounded until smooth. Add half a cup of boiled water, strain and drink the water.
  • Chicken pox and fever. If your child has a fever due to chicken pox, take agati bark of thumb, then boiled with water. After cold filtered water, and drink.
  • Body stiff. Take the root of the tree flowering red agati taste, finely ground, add a little water until it becomes dough like mush. Rub the herb to the body of the sick.
  • Adding milk. For breastfeeding mothers who breastfed or difficult exit discharge can be overcome by consuming little agati. How can use flowers or leaves agati young and then eaten as a salad made ​​eating plain vegetables.

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It is a fast-growing tree, leaves are regular and rounded and the flowers white and.. Benefits Of Worshiping Peepal Tree - Astrological Remedies by . agati, agusta, bagphal, bak, bake (Bengali); pwa valet, pwa valye (Creole Patois); agathi, agati sesbania, August flower, Australian corkwood tree, flamingo bill, . The flowers are white, yellowish, pink or red and borne in axillary racemes. The pods are 50-60 cm. Sesbania grandiflora has several environmental benefits.Found almost 2267 recipes on kathurumurunga kola mallum agati leaves in grated coconut. Recipes search. Easy,healthy and delicious meal from my kitchen to yours Recipes. Vazhaipoo kola i plantain flower balls


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